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Self cleaning of Aura of a house

It is a fact that the services of an expert Vastu Shastri is a must for the improvement of Aura of the house but something is there which you can yourself do and positive results will be eroded out. First of all a high wooden “Dehleej” must be placed on the main entrance door. The best woods “Sagaun” or “Deodar” should be used for this purpose. No other wood is required. Any Bio-energy which goes out of the main door and if there is a little height then there is full possibility that this positive energy will remain within the house. The toilet will never be in front of the main entrance, because it unbalances the whole auric region of the house. To remove this defect you can erect a permanent partition. Never keepyour shoes and sandal in the middle of the house because these are made from the dead animal skin and this dead skin discolours the Aura.

Middle part or the center of the house or Brahm sthan is the main center of the energy source of the whole house. The energy spreads from this point in the whole house hence no dead skin be kept there.

Never keep the dustbin in front of the door inside the house. One very important thing is not to keep any dust bin below your work table and if it is to be kept there then see that it is cleaned daily and try to minimize the garbage. One more thing is to be kept in mind regarding your work table, if you work with your right hand then don't put papers or other things on your right side and vice versa, as it adversely effect your working capacity. Please keep in mind that no window be there behind your chair, if it is so then change the position of your chair to some other place.

There must be a wall behind your chair as it plays an important role in communication between your Aura and the Aura of the environment. It is also to be noted that when you sleep. The higher part of the bed is on your back side i.e. on your head side. This arrangement will also be helpful in coordinating your Aura and the Aura of the environment.

Keep yellow flowers on the main door. If placing of natural flowers is not possible daily then artificial flowers should be kept there. This will make the Aura of your house stronger. If you can make Rangoli in front of the main door, do it, as it energises the Aura of your house.

Positive Energy outside the home - An auspicious tree is planted in a pot outside the house. Positive energy has been found nearby its surroundings on making analysis of the level of Aura present there, whereas negative energy is being visible inside the home.

Flow of warm energy from the place where old item are placed-These are two photographs. The first one is ordinary. In other photograph of 'Aura' warm energy is being visible at a specific place whereas, the level of energy throughout the room is absolutely normal. A double ceiling was constructed in the area where warm energy flows, obselete items of ancestors being no more is available there in abundance. Therefore the energy present there is being contaminated.

Different energies being transmitting from the place of worship including few nagative and warm energies too.
An emission of positive Energy from the place of worship.

A room where an youth had committed suicide few years back. There was an appearance of negative energy in abundance on walls and floor besides, leaving light penetrating through the window in the room.

This is a stupa of UP state Assembly, Lucknow, Capital of Uttar Pradesh in India, where policies are framed by the legislatures. The level of energy assimilated in its Aura is being assumed to be heading towards positiveness. In this context, the role of nature seems to be miraculous as the members sitting there, however, prefer to ensure the flow of negative energy, but keeping in view the significance of this place, nature is being incessantly exploiting negative energy.

This is an incomplete multi-storeyed building, which is lying abandoned since, seven years. It has been noticed that level of negative energy excessively found to be pervaded here in its 'Aura', whereas, level of negative energy is optimum in the adjoining buildings.

A picture portraying emission of positive energy from a tract
Energy emitting from a tract is approaching from optimum to higher level.

A picture portraying emission of positive and hot energy on specific area.
On the basis of the advice tended by a Vastushastri, process of boring had been executed at a specific place of a tract, due to which positive energy was being emitting in that area.

The tower of Aakashwani which is transmitting sound waves. See that the 'Aura' pervaded here is infused substantially by 'Warm energy'.




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