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:: Remedies Through Meditation

'Vastu Meditation' primarily establishes equilibrium among various energy currents and tries to earn favour from them.

What is energy?

This is virtually the element on which is based the entire existence. Where water flows, fire ignites, clouds fly, and trees continue to grow, that all reflects the element energy.
Our physical body, and all activities emanating from it are the result of that energy. Wherever that energy is present, life takes its shape. We all know that the energy can be transformed from one form to the other. The electrical energy makes us cool through Air Conditioners and warms the atmosphere through room heater. The same energy creates light through bulb, creates sound through radio and makes a thing audible and visible through a TV set.

It is a common belief that this body and its activities are all due to efforts made by us. But you should be clear in your mind that various elements and factors together contribute not only towards its formation but also influence the actions taken by it. Solar rays are helpful in our development, and blowing air provides us Pran-Vayu. The emptiness of sky makes us feel that we may develop the same hollowness within us. Likewise, other elements such as water and earth are also our constituent parts. Establishing a balance among various elements brings stability and strength to our individual existence.

When the whole existence is contributing towards our being, then why should we confine our energy to ourselves? Why our individual energy should not be allowed to merge in the whole existential energy?

One of the objectives of meditation is also that the energy which remains confined within the physical body or which is found around the body, could establish a chord  with the existence. Please do not think that only the energy within our body gets activated when we meditate. In fact, when we breathe in, various segments of air present in the environment try to come in contact with us. The warmth of our body and heat of our digestive system join solar rays. The water content present in our blood gets associated with the water content of the existence. Therefore, you are requested to expand yourself into Eternity.

We will absolve ourselves in the five elements of the existence. Vastu tells us easy way to establish harmony with the five elements of nature. By doing so we are able to create a favourable atmosphere where we could rest. The houses built according to Vastu not only save us from the vagaries of nature but by inhabiting in them we experience peace, pleasure and happiness and an atmosphere that is beneficial to us in all respect.

Vastu does not denote only a balance between construction and physically visible articles but also directs minute (lw{e) energy aura as also its emission. A living creature also affects the cluster of action-reaction occurring between his existence and everything existing around him which is related to him, at this or that level. It is Vastu which defines external and internal energy flow of the living or non-living entities.

Leaving indelible impression on our lives this subject is directly related to our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical desire. Vastu is a complete and comprehensive science. To understand this science we will have to understand cosmic energy as well as spiritual energy around us. We will have to learn the art of communicating with the materialistic world that otherwise appears to be non-living.
Now remembering the deity, or Guru of your faith and belief, presume that He his showering his blessings on you. Then as is prerequisite for all meditation techniques, make your mind positive and receptive. Repeat at least 20 times: " I will keep my mind open and be witness to it as a Drishta. And I will trust my inner consciousness, also. I surrender all my negative feelings to the Almighty, forgive myself and everyone else. Now I am completely ready for any miracle to happen in my life.

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