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:: Few Vastu Tips

Rectangular All round prosperity
Square (Four equal sides) Gain of wealth
Bhadrasan Success in life
Circular Growth of Knowledge and Health
Wheel shaped Brings Poverty
Four (unequal) sides Troublesome
Triangular Harassment from rulers (Govt. etc.)
Cart shaped Causes diseases, danger of fire, punishment, loss of wealth
Beam shaped Harmful for cattle
Panavakar Harmful for eyes and for house
Drum (Mridang) shape Harmful for women, loss of females
Vrihanmukhakar Loss of family members/brothers

Fan shaped

Loss of money and cattle
Koorm Prashthakar Untimely death, murder, imprisonment
Winnow shaped Loss of property
Bow Shaped Many difficulties; theft and fear of enemies
Hexagonal Brings progress and growth
Elliptical (egg Shaped) Loss in many ways
Singhmukhakar Monetary loss, clashes in family and mental tension
Gaumukhakar Peaceful; growth of progeny
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