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:: Remedies Through Yantras

Meruprashtha Sphatic Shri Yantra: Sri Yantra tops of all Yantras. Meruprashtha Sphatic Sri Yantra glorifies the Hindi phrase 'Gagar mein Sagar'. Goddess Laxmi likes this Yantra much, because it presents miracles as a magical stick. This is helpful in financial and business matters and also helps teachers and students to concentrate. This Yantra works as a positive cluster for supernatural powers. It has the quality of eliminating negativity in a building, and is helpful in removing defects pertaining to Shudra, Chandra and Guru.
Sphatic is such a stone which is more helpful in meditation. Besides helping us to concentrate in meditation it also neutralizes the negative effect of our Aura.


Shri Tortoise Yantra: The Yantra being symbolic of the Tortoise incarnation of lord Vishnu is extremely beneficial at the time of laying the foundation stone of the building. As per the tenets of Vastushastra, it should be worshiped with full devotion by establishing it in the place of worship, as a result, the household family do not confronts with any kind of dearth.


Shri Sudarshan Yantra: This Yantra is being exuberantly used in ensuring remedy to eliminate Vastudosh from commercial and industrial places. The manner in which the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu shuns down the entire difficulties, in the same way, this Yantra is highly effective in ensuring remedy to the effects of Vastudosh.



Vastudosh Remedial Yantra: The Yantra depicted in the picture has been formulated on the basis of Metallic and Embossed method in view of shunning down several ill-effects of Vastudosh. On the whole, it is a combination of total thirteen Yantra been jointly established and thus, entails benefit.



Shri Sphatic Ganpati ji: Sri Ganpati is known for removing all kinds of impediment. In fact these are energized statues of Sphatic. The power gets concentrated manifold into it due to Sphatic. The Sphatic has the quality of absorbing negative energy and at the same time emits positive energy. This leads to elimination of various types of problems. Removal of hurdles, prosperity and happiness increase tremendously. By reciting mantra and offering prayer with due concentration daily, one is able is overcome financial crisis and enjoys more wealth and prosperity.
They also help students and teachers concentrate in their studies. They are positive clusters of cosmic energy. They also help remove negative energy from the house. Ill effects of a building too fail to have any impact. It is also effective in removing defects related to Shukra, Chandra and Guru, in a building.


Dikdosh removal or Vastudosh removal Yantra: This is the preliminary and most effective Vastudosh remedial Yantra. All directions and masters of the divine world are worshiped in it. It has been prayed at the time of worshiping the Vastupurush that O! You are wielding the entire universe and thus, ensure remedy to our discrepancies pertaining to Vastu. All deities including Ganesh, protectors of the world, various deities and masters of the divine world etc. are invoked to shun down our Vastudosh, accompanied with your weapons and accomplices. The Yantra proves to be miraculous in ensuring remedy to every minor or major dosh pertaining to Vastu.



Idol of Shri Ganesh: Combination of eight metals of different forms are required for the formation of such idols. Lord Ganesha eliminates all types of obstruction. When this idol is placed at the main gate and back of main gate of the constructed home, then it basically, prevents penetration of negative energy inside the home, on the other hand we also seek his blessings while entering inside the home and exiting outside. In a place of worship, while offering worship regularly the incense sticks should be turned in their direction, assuming that the smoke has been accepted by him. one should make his direct appearance for enhancing durwa (doob) and ensuring worship in a proper manner on the occasion of Holi, Deepawali and Mahashivratri.


Total Effective Yantra: This Yantra is a formed with a combination of several Yantra. Different Yantra pertaining to this are combined within one particular Yantra. Consequently, it becomes more effective.





Bandhan mukti Yantra: (Liberating Yantra) The Yantra evolved comprising of a group of nine Yantra. This Yantra is competent enough in eliminating the impediments to which a person is confronting in order to attain success in every sphere of life.




Education yielding high profile Yantra: The Yantra includes joint establishment of thirteen Yantra, which proves to be beneficial in ensuring promotion in service, success in every walk of life to the owner. It acts as a stimulant for the students, enabling them to have proper concentration in studies.




Shri Saraswati Yantra: It has been observed that few students been studious, fail to ensure their concentration in studies and eventually, their career is spoiled. Since beginning, if the child is losing its concentration then benefit is yielded by installing this Yantra.




Shri Chandra Yantra: North-West zone strongly lays its effect on the mutual relations. This direction contributes a lot in strengthening and improving relations with colleagues, subordinates employees, relatives or friends. The auspicious construction being carried out at this place results into augmentation in social reputation. Establishment of Yantra moon reaps benefit however, if this direction is in grip of Vastudosh.



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