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:: An Introduction to Vastu
James Ferguson has clearly quoted in his book "History of Indian & Eastern Architecture" - 'Architect' is still a living art in India. It was intensively developed in Europe during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Today 'Architecture' is being practised in Europe in a very inconsistent and unusual way.... Those, who have observed the blunders and failures of the educated and meritorious architectural geniuses of Europe, can very well guess, on the basis of the study of Indian versions, that such results were bound to occur. The special feature of the Indian Vedic Kala is its spiritual aspect". In the life of a person, the significance of stars and planets cannot be denied. But that is pre-destined. It is also certain that by living in a campus designed in accordance with the principles of Vastu, we can bring about uniformity in our stars and planets with our Purusharth (Positive efforts) to a certain extent. In any case, the evil effects of the stars and planets can be minimised. If the stars and planets of a person are weak and he is living in a house (of his own or on rent) with Vastu maladies, the following problems will be there as laid down by various Shashtras :- 
  • The atmosphere of happiness does not exist in the house. Tension and clashes persist. There are always differences among the husband, wife and children. 
  • Sons and daughters indulge in indiscipline and immoral conduct. 
  • Litigation and ailments are constantly there.
  • On account of the defective north-east direction lineal generation comes to an end, or handicapped issues are born. Untimely death of a son is also a possibility. The atmosphere of education is no longer there. 
  • The person often gets inclined to commit suicide. 
  • Obstacles created by Government are always there and the person gets involved in Government punishments. 
  • The income is less than the expenditure. Due to excessive expenditure the person is always in deep debts. 
  • The person always suffers from inferiority complex and is never able to attain a good reputation. 
  • The incidence of thefts and dacoities as well as unexpected calamities such as fire, crumbling of a wall or balcony, etc. are always a possibility. 
  • There are always clashes with neighbours and near relatives. The person becomes irritative and angry. 
  • There is the possibility of even untimely death.
These troubles can also occur on account of the factories, shops and office etc. being blemished. 
Environment in accordance with the principles of Vastu-Shashtra definitely confers benefit because the limited piece of land tries to establish practical congruity after being converted to and adjusted with the unlimited power of the Universe. Yet the effect of stars and destiny of the landlord can be reduced or increased by the Vastu environment. This is also certain as the Sun, Earth, Air, Water and Sky do not discriminate for or against any caste, religion or community, the principles of Indian 'Vastu-Shashtra' benefit the entire humanity irrespective of religion, community and caste. The resident of a house may be a tenant but the Vastu-defects will certainly affect him adversely. 
When Should we consult a Vastu-Shashtri ?
As a matter of fact, it is best to consult a Vastu-Shashtri before purchasing a piece of Land. If however, the Land has been acquired, it is advisable to consult him before digging/performing of Bhumi-Poojan. It is very essential to get the site of boring decided by the Vastu-Shashtri. Compliance of the Vastu-Principles becomes very difficult after the foundations have been filled in. 
The defects of Vastu can be removed to some extent in the already constructed building by changing the arrangement of interior decoration and shifting furniture and heavy belongings. In addition to this, vastu defects can be removed by installing lively 'Vastu-Yantra', 'Yantra for directional defects' and 'shaman-yantra' after worshipping. According to saints, spirituality starts where science ends. By this we can save ourselves from subjective adjustments, though sometimes compulsive directions are to be given.