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Human beings spend most of their time at home or at their work place. If they don’t find peaceful atmosphere at their home or work place, then they are unable to plan anything properly, hindering their progress. 


A tense atmosphere, quarrels amongst family members, or children following wrong paths, may cause a person to find continuous loss in business. Sometimes money can get blocked in the market. It has been concluded that most of these problems arise due to Vastu defects in the home or work place.
People build their homes or work places without consulting Vastu experts and therefore, face many different problems throughout their lives.

For comprehensive analysis of your home or work place by Swami Manjulanand ji, some information regarding your environment must be provided for compilation and for better results.

The relationship between internal and external environment has to be balanced. The internal environment comprises of furniture and material, color scheme, indoor air, electromagnetic field, multiple chemical, sensitivity etc. The external environment includes the surroundings, cosmic energy, geo energy, climatology, etc. 

Detailed and comprehensive analysis of home or work place using principles of Vastu Shastra and simple adjustments to the environment can correct imbalances of energy and bring positive changes to your life. 

To eliminate problems pertaining to Vastu defects in your life, you can consult Swami Manjulanand ji online. 

Online Vastu Consultation

Living and working areas always influence the life of a person. Balancing the energy in the home and work place can bring peace, harmony and prosperity in life. Swami Manjulanand ji balances the energy with the help of sacred Mantras, purified and energized Yantras, Pranically established statues, Jewelry, Necklaces, Rudrakshas energized with sacred mantras, embedding crystals in the center of plots and houses and providing paintings that can eliminate the negative energies. 
Note:- American and Canadian citizens can leave an online message. We will call them back and fix a convenient time for consultation. 
The rates for the online consultation are as follows: 

Rates of Online Vastu Consultation-


1. Offices. 
a. One Room Office                        $ 75 
b. two Room office.                        $ 100 
c. 3 to 4 Room office                      $ 125 

2. Factories.
a. Below 200 square meters.            $ 200 
b. 201 to 400 square meters.           $ 300 
c. 401 to 800 square meters.           $ 400 

3. Shops or Malls.
a. Below 100 square meters.             $ 200 
b. 101 to 200 square meters.            $ 300 
c. 201 to 400 square meters.            $ 400 

1. One Room Set.                             $ 75 
2. Two Room Set.                            $ 100 
3. Three Room Set.                          $ 125
Note :- For more than three room building separate analysis is required.
1. Below 100 square meter.                 $ 175 
2. 101 to 200 square meter.                $ 250 
3. 201 to 400 square meter.                $ 325